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Lake Constance Love Affair

Bregenz on Lake Constance is a mecca for leading-edge design and not surprisingly, home to a magnanimous opera stage that spawns from the lake every two years. This season’s set was imagined by British artist Es Devlin, who has designed sets for Adele, U2, and Kanye West. A giant pair of tattooed female hands with [...]

Twice Dead

It was sundown as I was traveling home from a long ride. It was getting cold. I was moving fast downhill when the flickering lights of two candles caught my eye, along with the fresh tulips in the vase and recently planted annuals. All this on a thin strip of grass between the main road [...]

A Saturday Night in Salzburg

Salzburg is one of those places where beauty doesn’t fade. She only becomes more lovely with age. And so, tonight is just like any other night except my dear friend and I have tickets to La Bohème at the Festspielhaus and there’s a full moon rising. Even though we're dressed for the opera, that doesn't [...]

How to Celebrate Equinox

Do you celebrate March 21st? For millennia, the Equinox has been a pivotal day in the yearly cycle of humans and nature, when the rhythmic dance of light and dark are of equal measure. The creative force is alive and LOVE is in the air.You can plant flowers, write a poem, honor a sacred space, [...]

The Ogre Rides a Bike

The Ogre arrived in Germany with its handler, Dr. Lin-Jim Dung a retired rocket scientist from Jet Propulsion Laboratories. Constant companions after 30 years, the Ogre was his secret experiment and by the looks of it, it hadn’t gone well. Biking was the only “sport” the Ogre could do according to Dr. Lin-Jim Dung who [...]

Mystery Man at Munich Airport

Munich Airport 2014, 7:15 a.m. I just got dropped off and have an hour to kill waiting for my KLM flight to Amsterdam for the company meeting. I’ve been staying with a colleague in Munich, helping her write copy for a new website. There’s nothing in her house to eat other than cold cereal, fruit [...]

Frog Face

“It’s time to start the ceremony,” says our guide. She’s soft-spoken, patient and beautiful. Six of us initiates are gathered in our usual hang-out spot—the glassed-in terrace that opens up to lush green rolling hills with Pacific coastline far below. This is where we gather to read, smoke and chat. Except this morning, we have [...]

The Lion on the Beach

The birds are chirping away, proud of their melodies. In my slumberous state I imagine animated Disney birds pulling the covers back, straightening out my flip-flops near the bed, wrapping a sarong around my waist and helping me out of bed. Above our casita, the monkey family is messing around in the trees moving from [...]

Jungle Soak – Hot Springs Nirvana in Costa Rica

It’s not just any normal river that roars through the jungle…It’s a hot river. The water is heated inside the magma-filled belly of the earth and gushes toward daylight at the base of the Arenal volcano. After leaving its fiery chambers, the Rio Chillón churns down the valley, carrying a wealth of minerals and goodness [...]

Looking for Waldmeister

I need him. I want him. I must have him! Will he be out today? It’s been months since our last rendezvous. My heart yearns for our next encounter. Be patient, I tell myself. Timing is everything. Oh and when I find him, I know exactly what I’m going to do. I’ve rehearsed this moment [...]