Cooling off in Charity’s Pond

It’s 3:30 a.m. and pitch black. The balcony door is open in my room and I see stars. I lay alone in inky silence, starting to simmer from the deepest core of my being. A heat so deep my bones are sweating. I’m wrapped up tightly in layers of hot, wet sheets and heavy blankets [...]

PART I: Leg-Licking Goats

Picture a lush, green valley near the source of Europe’s most legendary river, an epic mountain scene from Lord of the Rings on IMAX. On either side of this fertile plain, the Alps rise up like green soldiers at attention with stone helmets guarding the gates of heaven. Snow patches are still visible in the [...]

PART II: The Pope’s Edelweiss

Mystery Solved. The next morning, The Pope’s wife hands me the newspaper as I’m walking toward the terrace with an espresso. There’s a front page cover story about an 18-wheeler loaded with wood, totally ablaze on the Swiss Autobahn, exactly where we had seen the dark smoke from the mountain top. The authorities closed the [...]

Lake Constance Love Affair

Bregenz on Lake Constance is a mecca for leading-edge design and not surprisingly, home to a magnanimous opera stage that spawns from the lake every two years. This season’s set was imagined by British artist Es Devlin, who has designed sets for Adele, U2, and Kanye West. A giant pair of tattooed female hands with [...]

Twice Dead

It was sundown as I was traveling home from a long ride. It was getting cold. I was moving fast downhill when the flickering lights of two candles caught my eye, along with the fresh tulips in the vase and recently planted annuals. All this on a thin strip of grass between the main road [...]

A Saturday Night in Salzburg

Salzburg is one of those places where beauty doesn’t fade. She only becomes more lovely with age. And so, tonight is just like any other night except my dear friend and I have tickets to La Bohème at the Festspielhaus and there’s a full moon rising. Even though we're dressed for the opera, that doesn't [...]

How to Celebrate Equinox

Do you celebrate March 21st? For millennia, the Equinox has been a pivotal day in the yearly cycle of humans and nature, when the rhythmic dance of light and dark are of equal measure. The creative force is alive and LOVE is in the air.You can plant flowers, write a poem, honor a sacred space, [...]

The Ogre Rides a Bike

The Ogre arrived in Germany with its handler, Dr. Lin-Jim Dung a retired rocket scientist from Jet Propulsion Laboratories. Constant companions after 30 years, the Ogre was his secret experiment and by the looks of it, it hadn’t gone well. Biking was the only “sport” the Ogre could do according to Dr. Lin-Jim Dung who [...]

Mystery Man at Munich Airport

Munich Airport 2014, 7:15 a.m. I just got dropped off and have an hour to kill waiting for my KLM flight to Amsterdam for the company meeting. I’ve been staying with a colleague in Munich, helping her write copy for a new website. There’s nothing in her house to eat other than cold cereal, fruit [...]

Frog Face

“It’s time to start the ceremony,” says our guide. She’s soft-spoken, patient and beautiful. Six of us initiates are gathered in our usual hang-out spot—the glassed-in terrace that opens up to lush green rolling hills with Pacific coastline far below. This is where we gather to read, smoke and chat. Except this morning, we have [...]