The Lion on the Beach

The birds are chirping away, proud of their melodies. In my slumberous state I imagine animated Disney birds pulling the covers back, straightening out my flip-flops near the bed, wrapping a sarong around my waist and helping me out of bed. Above our casita, the monkey family is messing around in the trees moving from [...]

Jungle Soak – Hot Springs Nirvana in Costa Rica

It’s not just any normal river that roars through the jungle…It’s a hot river. The water is heated inside the magma-filled belly of the earth and gushes toward daylight at the base of the Arenal volcano. After leaving its fiery chambers, the Rio Chillón churns down the valley, carrying a wealth of minerals and goodness [...]

Looking for Waldmeister

I need him. I want him. I must have him! Will he be out today? It’s been months since our last rendezvous. My heart yearns for our next encounter. Be patient, I tell myself. Timing is everything. Oh and when I find him, I know exactly what I’m going to do. I’ve rehearsed this moment [...]

A Midsummer’s Night

There it is! I slap my face again. That high-pitched hum is whirring above my head like a diamond blade cutting through concrete. I dread this blood-sucking prelude before the villain swoops in like a kamikaze pilot to attack my flesh with its furry needle face. I hate mosquitos with a passion and I’m tired [...]

Finding Sarah – The Miracle of Trail Magic

This is it! This is it. I’d been working on finding this very spot in my mind’s eye for months and here it was—finally. It’s perfect. They will love it.   It’s raining. My feet disappear into a thick, rich brownie that is the driveway, while the last vestiges of snow cling for dear life [...]

Smashing Eggs in Salzburg

So Many Surprises — these are a few of my favorite things… Part I / Breakfast It’s Easter morning and I’m visiting friends in Salzburg. It’s one of the best times to be here. Not too many tourists. The weather is glorious, though there’s still snow in the alps. Trees are budding, birds are chirping [...]

The King is Back!

We don’t mean Elvis, nor the royal Home of the Whopper. We’re talking about the German King of Vegetables where it’s (hold onto your Lederhosen) White Asparagus Season. Germans are a happy Volk of eaters especially with the arrival of SPARGEL, a ghostly-white stalk that announces Winter is over! It’s the first ground crop to [...]

Shaken and Stirred at 9,000 feet. Lunch at the ice Q in Sölden

High above the valley floor, the day is crystal clear. Hundreds of jagged peaks reach for the heavens like frozen waves in a snowcapped ocean. Augenschmauß (a feast for the eyes). It’s an amazing location for the über-modern restaurant ice Q featured in the 2015 James Bond film Spectre. I’m here visiting a friend for [...]

What is an Emotionally-Intelligent Hotel?

It’s the kind of hotel you want to be. It’s a hotel that connects instantly with its readers. An emotionally-intelligent hotel lets you know if you’ll feel welcome and comfortable in their space. Words are gatekeepers, they are first impressions. Your text is your brand and your brand is EVERYTHING. Words are the most valuable [...]