It’s the kind of hotel you want to be. It’s a hotel that connects instantly with its readers. An emotionally-intelligent hotel lets you know if you’ll feel welcome and comfortable in their space.

Words are gatekeepers, they are first impressions. Your text is your brand and your brand is EVERYTHING. Words are the most valuable treasure in your marketing chest.

So why do so many fabulous hotels cut corners here or don’t seem to care? I have an idea. Most people think they can write. Mistako Numero Uno. This would be like me thinking I could sail in an America’s Cup regatta, when I can only kayak on the lake.

It’s very simple. Professional advertising copywriters understand your brand and can develop the right VOICE for you. Someone who knows what readers want to read, highlighting your services in a reader-centric style.

There’s a reason great advertising copywriters make 6 figures for simple ad slogans like Nike’s Just Do It or VW’s Fahrvergnügen—the joy of driving. They are trained writers and salesmen.

Waldhaus Sils in der Schweiz


Bull’s Eye: Text should be Easy, Simple, Inviting, Conversational, Honest

On a Swiss Air flight to Zürich, I was leafing through a slick magazine for European Entrepreneurs when my eyes froze upon a simple black and white ad with lots of white space.

“Six miles from bustling St. Moritz: an unspoiled and peaceful alpine village amidst gleaming lakes and impressive mountains. And above it all, this remarkable and historic hotel, family owned and managed since it opened it 1908. Grand but friendly and relaxed; children very welcome.”

They answered WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW in 44 words with simple elegance, clear style and a mountain of charm. The 5-star Waldhaus in Sils, Switzerland nailed it. I could have wept at its sublime beauty, but instead I ordered a beer and bratwurst.

The Waldhaus website is not fresh, sleek and sexy. And it shouldn’t be. What really draws you in is the message. It’s newsy and conversational. There’s a refreshing honesty, simplicity, relaxed confidence, playfulness, down-to-earth humanity about it. I would bet $$$ they’re always full with repeat guests. In other words…Volltreffer!

Sending out an SOS

95% of hotel website text is an English teacher’s worst nightmare. And, brutally boring. It either reads like a engineering manual or a poem by Goethe with severe dementia.

It’s time for a paradigm shift. Let’s remember that hospitality is the fun business, the heart business, the party business. It is a business where you need emotional intelligence. It’s not engineering, technology, government or education…it’s about relationships. Your written thoughts should reflect this.

With the help of brilliant minds like those at Solid&Bold in Salzburg, the language landscape is changing—one hotel at a time. A new day of organic hotel-to-guest communication is dawning.

A Sinking Ship

There’s a strong tendency to publish schmalzy copy that reads like a Google Translation on an acid trip in outer space. You don’t believe me…? Okay fine. Let’s take a closer look at a typical sinking ship from a 5-star hotel in Tirol.

“Welcome to a realm of luxurious enjoyment. Welcome to a place which enthuses fastidious Alpinists. Which inspires easy-going nature lovers. And which lets those who are keen on wellness take a deep breath. We combine casual luxuriousness and Tyrol cordiality with toque-awarded cuisine, spa artistry of the highest level and the impressive mountains of the Ötztal Alps. Here you celebrate ALPINE . LUXURY . LIFE in its sportiest and most elegant guise. Discover the power of tranquillity in every room. And the joy of cordial hospitality in every encounter.”



The translator should be jailed for molesting the English language. What does this mean? I’ll tell you what…. Nothing! It’s superficial emptiness. Enthuses fastidious Alpinists. Are you kidding me…it looks like pig Latin! As a 5-star hotel, they sure didn’t make a 5-star impression on their homepage.

Mission Accepted

My goal is to help exclusive hotels reflect their GREATNESS with the right words. Because Austria Baby—you deserve it. We love you. Your hotels are the world’s best. You are the cutting edge in hospitality and we need your wonderful food traditions, trendy farmstyle, elegant culture and artistic flair more than ever. But, you need to communicate properly.